Medical Billing And Coding Errors Upstate South Carolina

One incorrect medical bill for $149, denied by Medicare, caused this patient to be turned over to a collection agency and was about to enter into the tax garnishment stages. However, this patient got a Guardian, and her credit report has been fixed. Don't allow a simple billing mistake (in this case a bad diagnosis code) spiral out of control. You need a Guardian.


1. According to some studies over 80% of medical bills presented by hospitals and other care providers contain errors (and probably yours, too). Many of those errors may be outrageously large, but would not be obvious to you because of confusing and incomprehensible codes and terminology generally known only by medical & insurance professionals.

2. Because you are responsible for every dollar of those bills, whether insured or not. Did you know that 3/4 of people who go bankrupt because of medical bills actually do more info have health insurance?

3. Because GUARDIAN MEDICAL REVIEW can help resolve your medical bill questions and make sure you are not paying for someone else's mistakes.

4. Because insurance companies and billing companies are counting on your lack of knowledge to allow them to continue making billing mistakes. Lets hold them accountable.

5. Because Peace of Mind is priceless. -

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